The OK (Our Kids) Program was founded in 1990 in Rancho Cordova, CA, by former Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff, Donald Northcross. His goal for the OK Program was to reduce the high rates of incarceration and homicide among young African-American males ages 12 to 18 years old.

The OK Program accomplishes that goal by using African-American police officers partnering with committed African-American men who weekly provide the mentoring support that helps young men develop their leadership, critical thinking skills, and achieve academic excellence. In each OK community, the OK Program fosters exclusive collaborations and partnerships with local police departments, school districts, and the faith-based community.

We're delighted to have this program added here at Eisenhower. Welcome, Officer Timothy Bell!


Restorative Justice, or RJ, is a powerful approach to discipline that focuses on repairing harm through inclusive processes that engage all stakeholders. RJ is intended to shift the focus of discipline from punishment to learning, and from the individual to the community.

"What unifies Restorative Justice programs is the twofold goal of building strong relationships among students, staff, teachers, administrators, and parents while creating safe, productive learning environments for all." - Crystal T. Laura in Education Week Teacher


WyldLife is the middle school version of Young Life--an international, non-profit, non-denominational organization reaching out to adolescents. This group of people enters the world of kids, focusing on what matters most to them: fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. Adults enter their turf and their culture building authentic friendships based on patience, trust, and consistency.

Middle school is a time when kids make important decisions about who they are and what they believe. And so WyldLife leaders consider it a privilege to be involved in their lives!


Students here at Eisenhower this year are learning the value of credits and debits through our banking system. Students "earn" points throughout each quarter for attendance, Honor Roll, extracurricular participation, and community service.

But as we know, banking is not all about credits. Students are debited from their accounts for being sent out or walking out of class, time spent in In School Suspension, Out of School Suspension, etc.

At the end of each quarter, students must check their account to see if they qualify for the fun activity that is offered. In addition, the Eagle Gala is an annual event that takes place in May, and students must have enough in their account to attend!


Students work hard to achieve their very best, so we like to take the time to honor those who excel in their schoolwork. At the end of every quarter, students' GPAs are tallied, and those who achieve a 3.0 or above are celebrated at an Honor Roll assembly. Here's a list of academic honors they can receive:

3.0 - 3.49:


3.5 - 3.99:

High Honors


Superior Honors

Engage students in the highest quality of learning • Prepare students for responsible, productive citizenship • Inspire excellence for a lifetime
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